Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need video?

You might be wondering: exactly how important is video content in my marketing strategy? Well we’ve got a whole blog post covering that! Video is an invaluable tool and should be a huge part of your digital marketing strategy. Video allows to you reach a larger audience in a more influential and emotive way and establish a greater online presence, whilst giving you clear analytical feedback on how your content is working, and what is being consumed.

How much will my video cost?

Before you embark on this exciting and creative process, you’ll understandably want to know the cost of bringing your story to life. Every production is different, and therefore every production should be budgeted as such; at One Story Productions we want to give each organization we work with the unique consideration and treatment that they deserve. Rather than providing set cost video packages we offer a free consultation where we discuss the goals for your production, the story you want to voice, and any ideas or elements you have for your film. From there we put together a budget, script and treatment that works for your organization. Alternatively, if you have a figure in mind we can sit down and tell you what’s possible with your budget.

How long will my video take to make?

Again, this depends on the production. Projects that require a single camera covering an event will take far less time to complete than a multi-camera project with ten actors, three locations and sophisticated motion graphics. Once we have worked together on the goals of your project, and finalized a script and budget we can give you a dependable estimate of the time-frame. If you have a specific deadline when embarking on the project we will endeavour to meet that for you, however, be advised that a strict and short deadline may have a bearing on the project's’ budget.

Will you travel if required?

Absolutely! Our CEO Aaron Weiss has travelled the globe to give non profits and global organizations a voice (for more information check out the One Story Case Studies!) If travel is necessary to tell the authentic story of your organization we can discuss this during our initial consultation.

What is your payment policy?

Once you decide to work with One Story we will require a retainer so we can begin working on your project - this is based on the cost of your project. During the contract phase we can discuss methods of payment, but generally once we start shooting we require 50% of the project to paid, and the remainder once the project is delivered. We can make arrangements for invoicing and payment structures. At One Story we understand that many non-profit organizations don’t have a massive marketing budget, and our ethos is to ensure that those companies get their voice heard in a way that’s affordable to them.

How will my project be delivered?

Once the final edit has been reviewed and finalized, we send you a downloadable folder package that included your project(s) in the different formats needed for different platforms (for example the best YouTube format is mp4). We will ensure your project is the right file type and frame rate for your needs.

So, what’s the first step?

Contact us! If you’ve decided your organization could benefit from the power of video, check out our blog post on what to expect when working with a production company. This answers many of the above questions in more depth and includes hints and tips on what to have ready for an initial consultation, to give the team something to work with and get the creative juices flowing! We aim to make this process as easy and worry-free for you as possible, and our team is dedicated to delivering visually stunning, emotive content that suits your goals, respects your budget and meets and exceeds your expectations.

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